Communicating effectively with customers

Learn to communicate complex or challenging messages with greater ease and influence. Understand how improved communication allows you to better appreciate customers’ requirements, determining how well you deliver the services expected of you. Begin to appreciate how the quality of your communication skills – verbal and written – can contribute significantly to the customer service you provide.

3 available topics:

Introduction to communicating effectively
Verbal communication
Written communication

Delivering excellent customer service

While direct communication with customers is important, so is the mindset which dictates how you engage with them. Learn to establish a customer-focused mindset that influences how you think and act, translating into a willingness to go the extra mile and deliver excellent service. Consider what excellent customer service really looks like, what motivates your customers and how to keep improving the service you offer.

6 available topics:

Engaging effectively with customers
Going the extra mile for your customer
Introduction to delivering excellent customer service
Pursuing customer service excellence
Supporting vulnerable customers
Supporting vulnerable customers (online)

Continuous improvement and quality management

Examine two critical factors behind any successful customer offering – continuous improvement and quality management. Explore the guiding principles of continuous improvement to understand what quality really means, how to maintain it and how to eliminate wasteful activities. And delve into the world of customer insights by learning to appreciate the scientific rigour with which this is undertaken and how its outputs can be used.

3 available topics:

Continuous improvement and lean
Introduction to continuous improvement and quality management
Managing quality

Customer insight

This topic will introduce what we mean by customer insight and how we collect, analyse and use it. Learning about the theory and the practise will reveal how customer insight is used to improve the service you provide.

1 available topics:

Customer insight

Handling challenging customers and complaints

Not all communication is straightforward. Learn how to handle complaints as well as challenging customers who may be demanding or unreasonable. Such interactions can become emotional and may quickly spiral out of control. Explore how to address these situations by anticipating when a conversation may become challenging, learning how to adapt your own behaviour accordingly.

5 available topics:

Handling challenging customers
Handling challenging customers and complaints in different ways - face to face
Handling challenging customers and complaints in different ways - telephone
Handling challenging customers and complaints in different ways - writing
Handling complaints