Managing effectively

High-performing teams are nurtured in an environment which helps bring out the best in them. This gives rise to a range of managerial responsibilities such as objective setting, giving feedback and managing performance. Learn to give team members the motivation and guidance to perform at their best. But also learn to be inclusive, able to have open and well-informed conversations about issues such as mental health and disability.

7 available topics:

Becoming disability confident
Developing people
Giving feedback
Managing performance
Mental health at work
Objective setting
Giving feedback (online)

Enabling high performance

Managing people isn’t about having the right answers all the time or pushing people to behave in a certain way. Effective managers in high performing teams understand the value of coaching as a way of motivating and empowering the people around them. Learn about the importance of coaching and delegating as ways of stretching people’s capabilities or enrol for a professional coaching and mentoring qualification.

7 available topics:

Coaching skills for managers
Delegation: achieving results through others
Disability inclusive management
Coaching and mentoring – ILM qualification (Level 5)
Coaching and mentoring – ILM qualification (Level 5) – distance learning
Executive coaching and mentoring – ILM qualification (Level 7)
Executive coaching and mentoring – ILM qualification (Level 7) – distance learning

Building your team

Explore your managerial responsibility for creating a productive working environment. Learn to create an inclusive workplace culture where no one feels marginalised for being different and where personal circumstances are handled in an even-handed and sensitive manner. Plus, learn about tension – both the healthy, creative tension which leading teams exhibit and the more destructive tension which needs managing.

3 available topics:

Building effective teams
Leading inclusive teams
Resolving team tension

Dealing with challenging management situations

Team management is rarely trouble-free. Learn how to handle persistent problems with team members before they have detrimental effect on the working environment. Learn to conduct the sort of conversations required to tackle poor performance while also familiarising yourself with the available disciplinary and grievance procedures and what they entail.

5 available topics:

Attendance management
Conducting high quality conversations
Discipline and grievance
Managing poor performance
Conducting high quality conversations (online)

Recruitment and selection


3 available topics:

Assessment options
Interview skills (interviewer)
Interview skills (interviewer) (online)