Learn to sharpen up your presentation skills, assertiveness and influencing ability. Find out how to boost your personal credibility and establish strong working relationships by using best-practice communication skills and techniques.

4 available topics:

Influencing skills
Presenting confidently
Running effective meetings

Career development

Find out about applying for jobs within your organisation and how to make the best impression during an interview. Understand the processes the recruiter goes through and what they’re typically looking for. Respond to this appropriately and be the best interviewee you can be.

2 available topics:

Applying for jobs
Interview skills (Interviewee)

Making an impact

These topics are products of our time; like remaining resilient when faced by workplace pressure or using emotional intelligence to guide our behaviour. Equally important is the need to challenge the unconscious bias which leads to instinctive (but not necessarily correct) decision-making; something that has no place in modern, progressive organisations.

6 available topics:

Collaboration across departments, government and beyond
Emotional intelligence
Resilience and wellbeing
Unconscious bias
Unconscious bias (online)
Resilience & Wellbeing (online)