Project delivery

Discover the fundamentals of best practice project delivery from project planning and identifying customer requirements through to risk management and stakeholder engagement. Understand the importance of establishing who a project’s most important customers and stakeholders are and of preparing a proper project plan. Learn to manage the changes which occur within a project without losing sight of its desired benefits and outcomes.

8 available topics:

Getting it right: scope and change
How projects run
Identifying customer and stakeholder requirements
Introduction to project delivery
Managing risk, issues and dependencies
Outcomes and benefits
Project planning
Working with Agile


Demonstrate your project management expertise by becoming a PRINCE2 accredited practitioner. The PRINCE2 project management methodology is designed to help deliver projects in a coordinated and consistent fashion. As well as learning about its core principles and themes, find out how and when to tailor the methodology for individual projects. Accreditation is available at 2 different levels; Foundation and Practitioner.

3 available topics:

PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation
PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner
PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner

Association for Project Management (APM)

Developing your career as a project management professional requires a thorough understanding of numerous areas of business, including budgeting, conflict management, negotiation and teamwork. Improve your knowledge in these areas by pursuing the 3 available APM qualifications; Project Fundamentals, Project Management and Practitioner. A version for learners who already hold a PRINCE2 qualification is also available.

4 available topics:

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) preparation workshop
APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) for PRINCE2® practitioners
APM Project Management Qualification
APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

Agile project management

Learn how Agile Project Management combines project management with the principles of agile product development. Explore how taking an agile approach - developing solutions incrementally, thereby allowing project teams to react to changing conditions - provides a framework for delivering projects rapidly and efficiently. Two levels of qualification - Foundation and Practitioner – are available.

3 available topics:

Agile Project Management: foundation
Agile Project Management: foundation and practitioner
Agile Project Management: practictioner

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

Learn about Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), an internationally recognised method for managing programmes, and become an accredited MSP practitioner. Discover how MSP techniques can be applied to align the vision of a programme with the public sector's strategic aims and to coordinate the projects within that programme, making best use of available resources and managing risk. Accreditation is available at Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner level.

4 available topics:

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®): foundation and practitioner
Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®): foundation
Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®): practitioner
Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®): advanced practitioner