Literacy and numeracy

Being able to interpret numerical information and to communicate clearly and without ambiguity are two skills which can have a direct impact on an organisation’s reputation. Learn to become more confident in these areas; become a stronger communicator, able to handle instructions, challenges and questions, and gain a better understanding of calculations and data management.

2 available topics:


First aid

Having a qualified first aider in the office isn’t just a legal requirement. Employees also find it highly reassuring to work in a place where medical emergencies can be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Secure your own qualification in areas such as emergency first aid, using an Automatic External Defibrillator or first aid for lone workers.

6 available topics:

Automated external defibrillator
Automated external defibrillator requalification
Emergency first aid at work
First aid annual refresher
First aid at work
First aid at work requalification

Health and safety

No matter how low risk our work environment might seem, there are always health and safety issues which can pose a risk to our personal well-being. Managing these risks and proactively improving our working environment is an ongoing task. Pursue a professional qualification in this area to make sure you have the skills to assess and controls risks and hazards in the workplace.

3 available topics:

IOSH Managing safely certificate
IOSH Managing safely (refresher)
NEBOSH General certificate


Retirement should never be something which simply happens to you. It represents a major shift in your lifestyle, which should be planned for accordingly, and involves many choices – choices which you should be in control of. Heading into retirement can be exciting and scary in equal measure, but this topic will help you prepare by taking you through the different aspects you need to consider.

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Pensions tax

Pensions tax is a key issue for many people in public service. The reductions in the Lifetime and Annual allowances over the last few years have led to many more people being affected by these limits and uncertain about how they may be affected now or in the future. Learn about the tax implications of your pension scheme membership, the way your benefits are affected in different circumstances and the actions you need to take if you are affected.

2 available topics:

Pensions tax seminar
Pensions tax individual information session