A comprehensive learning curriculum

There are over 120 topics in our public sector curriculum that learners can dive into straight away. From resilience and well-being, emotional intelligence and inclusive leadership through to understanding the fundamentals of project management and the government's financial and commercial cycles - there's something for everyone. All you have to do is choose where to start. We'll take care of the rest.

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For some organisations, being able to use the learning activities from our existing curriculum will be sufficient to meet their needs. This could mean using it in its current form or taking advantage of its modular design, reshaping elements of it for maximum impact. If new, bespoke learning content is required, this is created by small groups of learning designers, sector specialists and client staff. Understanding who the learning audience is, what our indicators of success are and how we can evaluate against these are all critical considerations. The services we offer to our clients span three different areas:

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With challenges and change coming thick and fast in the public sector, employees need to be equipped to cope with the changes they face.

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We work with organisations to articulate what they want and need from their workforce. We investigate how this aligns to their business priorities and clarify their expectations of outcomes and outputs.