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There are several issues which regularly feature when we’re asked to design a new learning intervention – from leadership and change through to performance management and diversity and inclusion.

It is the prevalence of such issues and, more troublingly, the speed at which they emerge that is encouraging organisations to reconsider their entire L&D approach. Here are just a few of them:

1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the most common. Organisations tell us of their concerns over dealing with the millennial workforce, the rise of the gig economy and how global security has placed a question mark over international business relationships. They want to know how to develop leaders who can cope in this ‘VUCA world’ of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Upskilling and empowering leaders in this fashion can require a major cultural shift but this can be achieved through an L&D programme focusing on the skills these leaders need but also the behaviours they need to exhibit.

2. Customer service and engagement

We’re seeing more organisations wanting to improve their customer service and engagement offering. With so much available research demonstrating the link between customer experience, loyalty and revenue, this is something that organisations cannot afford to get wrong. More and more are turning to their L&D programmes to help them get their basics right.

3. Network and alliances

In a similar vein, organisations tell us of their desire to establish networks and alliances which are strategically beneficial. This isn’t just an operational concern though. They know they need to develop a culture of open-mindedness and receptiveness within their workforce if such partnerships are to thrive.

4. Performance management

Performance management is also beginning to feature more frequently as organisations rethink their approach to this fundamental workforce concern. They want to know how to use L&D to shift ingrained perceptions about the links between performance and reward. More than just training employees on new performance management systems, they want to redefine what performance management is for and how it can be used proactively throughout the year.

5. Change

The topic of change also appears repeatedly; unsurprisingly, considering the changes sweeping across the sector, affecting everything from service delivery to customer engagement. At such a time, organisations want to know how best to manage their way through change. Some of this is about leaders and the qualities they need to display. However, it’s also about how good an organisation is at handling change, how good it needs to be and what it needs to do to get there.

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