What we do:

Creating the content you need

Our offering is built around a comprehensive learning curriculum for the public sector. It has been designed to deliver the skills, competencies, knowledge and behaviours required for the next 5-10 years. This means that an array of learning topics, featuring digital and social learning content and all designed and tested with thousands of public sector staff, is available for immediate use.

The modular way this has been put together means that for organisations wanting a more bespoke solution, there are 1700 distinct learning activities that can be reassembled in different configurations to meet their needs. Components can be removed and completely new activities added to create a new, more business-specific variant of the original curriculum. Throughout all our content design work, certain key principles remain ever-present:

Designed with you in mind

Current L&D thinking tells us that today’s learners want bite-sized, ‘just-in-time’ learning. They want learning content they can consume when and where they want it. And they want that content geared towards helping achieve their career ambitions, not merely boosting their earning potential. That content has to be engaging though. Learners’ typical attention spans are diminishing, thanks to increased demands on their time and further distractions around them. Employers are grasping this, with many overhauling their content in recent years to make it more enjoyable. All of these factors, and more, were taken into consideration when designing our core curriculum.

A different way of learning

One of our guiding principles is our commitment to blended learning. This brings together different types of learning activities – online tutorials, assessments, discussion groups etc – and different delivery channels; both digital and face-to-face. This allows us to accommodate the range of different learning styles (driven by demographic factors and academic backgrounds) that are present in any learning audience. As a concept, blended learning isn’t exactly new. However, recent developments in technology, which have vastly improved the quality of digital learning, have catapulted it to the forefront of the way in which we want and expect to learn.

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Carefully thought through

We apply the latest insights into L&D best practice as well as the findings from our own sector-specific research papers to our learning design. We link to relevant academic institutions or professional accreditation bodies when formal learning qualifications are required. Plus, we can call upon the expert support of dozens of the country’s leading L&D suppliers to provide what is required. During this process, the considerations of the customer remain at the heart of everything we do. When designing the programme, we consider every related customer journey – not just learners but line managers, L&D leads and course facilitators too – to put in place the support they all want and need.

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Strategic advice

Investments in L&D must deliver improvements in the workforce but they must also be aligned with business strategy. Learn more about how we work collaboratively with organisations to meet these expectations.

How we can help you

With challenges and change coming thick and fast in the public sector, employees need to be equipped to cope with the changes they face.