What we do:

Making it happen

The way we fuse technical and sector expertise to help develop your L&D programme isn’t the only powerful combination we provide. We also add operational delivery expertise to that strategic advice. We ensure that what happens in the classroom and online runs as smoothly as possible.

We make sure we’re available to help with all your learners’ queries and administrative needs – and we’ll check to see whether what has been learned is being transferred back to the workplace. We certainly don’t believe in simply creating a learning programme and then leaving you to get on with it.

Taking care of technology

Technology is such a critical part of Learning Solutions and is responsible for some of the biggest recent changes in our service offering. For a start, working with modern, cloud-based, resilient and scalable technology has allowed us to create a complete learning platform that hosts all our learning materials. It has also allowed us to create a range of fully interactive digital learning activities; all of which adhere to AA Accessibility requirements and the Government Digital Service’s style guidelines and are guaranteed to engage learners. Our platform is much more than just a typical learning management system. Learners on our platform can access all the digital learning content they need from all their various devices, at any time, and they can keep returning to that content for as long as they need to. And when it comes to learning management, our platform can be plugged straight into existing public sector learning management systems. As well as making bookings and content access easier, our platform provides management information and learning analytics. The fact it can be integrated into any of the hundreds of learning management systems already in place at organisations across the public sector only makes it even more valuable.

Help is just a click away

We never forget that the best learning programme (and its technology) can still be let down by simple logistical failings. Not receiving printed course notes, something going wrong with security clearances; these are the sorts of avoidable issues which can seriously affect the learner’s experience. That’s why our offer is supplemented by an onshore learning service centre, able to deal with all manner of queries. Manned by staff who are committed to providing excellent customer service, the service centre works on the premise that nothing should come between the learner and their learning.

Having the desired effect

Once a learning programme is fully operational, we'll put the processes in place to evaluate its effectiveness both quantitatively and qualitatively. When creating learning content, the desired business outcomes determine the learner outcomes and objectives. Therefore, when evaluating the success of that content, it's important to establish that the business outcomes - the starting point of the whole design journey - are being met, not just the learner outcomes. For this reason our evaluation approach goes beyond the generic questions on the practicalities of a particular course. Each topic has its own customised questionnaire, considering its specific objectives and outcomes. To understand how much knowledge has been retained, out evaluation questionnaires investigate what learners feel they have learned and how they have applied it. Where possible, we ask line managers to corroborate the impact the learning has had.

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